Recipe Of Sugar Cookie

Mrslarkin’s Chewy Sugar Cookie , champ of Your Best Chewy Sugar Cookie in 2010, is currently, almost 10 years after the fact, our most mainstream sugar treat formula ever. In festivity of the special seasons (and sugar treat season!), we contacted mrslarkin to get familiar with her challenge winning formula and how she thought of it.

I made this formula when the chewy sugar treat challenge was declared in 2010. After a lot of test-preparing—various sugars, various temperatures—I arrived on the ideal treat: It’s not very sweet, it has the ideal crunchy-to-chewy proportion, and it’s sparkly (on account of the turbinado glossing over).

Stella Parks’ Secret

Throughout the years I’ve been including a little, modest piece of nutmeg to my sugar treats (and chocolate chip treats), after Stella Parks said it upgrades the richness in them. It truly does! You should attempt it—or anything Stella Parks guides you to do, truly. She’s stunning.


I’ve additionally supersized this treat previously. I weigh out a three-ounce bundle of batter, move it in sugar, and heat for around 16 minutes at 350°F. It’s an entire lotta treat, as large as your FACE!

Network Variations

Right around 10 years after the fact, despite everything I love to peruse the remarks on this formula. There are such a large number of smart thoughts! Somebody includes lemon get-up-and-go. Another includes coconut extricate and destroyed coconut. A couple of individuals increment the flour and use it as a roll-and-cut treat. Another adds jam to the tops, similar to thumbprint treats.

That really gave me the thought today when I overbaked a plate of these last night! In the wake of sulking about it medium-term, I had a go at making a sandwich treat with raspberry jam. It was great.

This to state, this sugar treat is absolutely riffable and an extraordinary base formula for anything that you’re praising this Christmas season.


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